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Discovering Jesus VHS Video Set

Discovering Jesus VHS Video Set

Discovering Jesus VHS Video Set
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Discovering Jesus Video Set 2-Video Slipcase Set, 2 Hours. Wonderful Catholic gifts and videos!

Who was this Jesus that walked among men and men followed His way? Dr. Gordon Moyes, theologian, educator, and author, has spent over 40 years studying the life and teachings of Jesus. The land of Israel holds an irresistible attraction for Moyes as he brings the past and present together in this magnificent 12-part series, "Discovering Jesus."

Throughout the ages, men have taken the New Testament portrait of Jesus and have tried to reduce its bright hues to gray tints; they have attempted to make Jesus into a mere man and minimize His claims and miracles. Dr. Gordon Moyes, in Part 2, presents the sole mission of Jesus, to do His Father's will.


1.The Central Character of the Centuries

2.A New Search for Jesus3.The Ministry of Jesus

4.The Disciples of Jesus

5.The Teachings of Jesus

6.The Healings of Jesus


7.The Miracles of Jesus

8.The Lifestyle of Jesus

9.The Claims of Jesus

10.The Death of Jesus

11.The Resurrection of Jesus

12.The Life of Jesus Today

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